I enjoy opportunities to discuss some of what I think are the world’s most pressing (environmental) issues. But, far more important than my own fulfillment, it is very important to get scientific and engineering knowledge out of our labs and universities! Here are a few of my favorite clips.


NPR All Things Considered: Surfing For Science: A New Way To Gather Data For Ocean And Coastal Research

BBC Earth Unplugged: How Surfers Help Scientists Study the Ocean

Seeker (full version): Waves Can Tell Us A Lot About Climate Change, But You Have to Catch Them First

Seeker (short 1’ clip): With Smartfin tech, surfers are collecting crucial data on our oceans as citizen scientists

thisweek@ucsandiego: Campus Summit Encourages Collaboration to Solve Environmental Woes’s blog: Wiping out climate change with Smartfin, an Electron-connected surfboard fin. The same article was also picked up by Hackernoon

The Liquid Grid: Smartfin: Crowdsurfing Ocean Data


Forbes: How Surfboards and IoT Are Making Waves In Climate Change Research

Science: Scientists put a ‘smartfin’ on my surfboard. Is it the next wave in ocean monitoring?

Surfer: Smartfin turns surfers into citizen scientists

Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Around the Pier: Scripps Scientists Help Create and Distribute a “Smartfin” that Turns Surfers into Citizen Scientists


Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Around the Pier: Standing Up for Science

CBS8, Innovate 8: SUP, Science

KCET: Scripps WavepHOx: Science Meets Adventure


Lehigh University: Water to row, water to purify, water to study